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Best Budget Laptop 2022: Windows Devices & Chromebooks

If you’re buying a new laptop, you might think spending $1,000/£1,000 is the only way to guarantee the device is up to scratch.

But while paying that sort of money will usually get you a great laptop, plenty of great portable PCs are available for significantly less than that.

They’re not all Chromebooks, either. Most devices running Chrome OS are on the more affordable side, but there are lots of Windows machines available for around $500/£500 or less – that’s the rough criteria for inclusion here.

But there are no MacBooks in this list, with Apple yet to make a laptop that could be considered truly affordable. The likes of Asus, Acer, Microsoft and Lenovo are here, though, so you don’t have to take a punt on a company you’ve never heard of.

All of the options in this list are fine for basic tasks such as browsing the web, checking email and general office work, but some will surprise you with just how capable they are. However, if your budget does stretch further, it’s also worth considering mid-range and high-end laptops.

Best budget laptop 2022

1. Asus E410 – Best Overall Pros Very cheap


Long battery life Cons Dim screen

Annoying NumberPad Best Prices Today: It might not score as highly as other laptops here but most people will want as much as possible for under £300/$300 and the E410 is a great option if you’re one of them. Things like a dim screen are inevitable and not everyone will like the quirky design on the lid. We also found the NumberPad in the trackpad a tad annoying but Asus has got a lot right here. The E410 has excellent battery life, a lightweight design and performance is good enough for basic day-to-day tasks. Ticking key boxes at this price makes it a great value laptop. Read our full Review Asus E410 2. Honor MagicBook 14 – Best Performance Pros Stylish design

Powerful components

Nice keyboard

Above average speakers Cons Underwhelming battery life

Need to pay more for better display

Limited ports The Honor MagicBook 14 has long been one of our favourite laptops and often the best value on the market. While the 2021 model took things to a more premium level and importantly a matching price, it’s now available for much lower prices meaning it’s still a budget option. Battery life got a little worse and only the top-spec model gets an improved screen but you’re getting a well-rounded laptop with a Core i5, 512GB SSD, solid keyboard and more for a great (reduced) price. Read our full Review Honor MagicBook 14 (2021) 3. Acer Chromebook Spin 713 – Best Chromebook Pros Excellent 3:2 display

Great battery life

Fast performance Cons Slightly spongy keyboard

Fan noise at times Best Prices Today: The Spin 713 combines excellent performance with a gorgeous 3:2 ratio display and decent ports to be the best Chromebook option. With Pentium or Core processors and a 360-degree hinge design, you get a versatile laptop that will suit many different use cases. There’s great battery life to keep you going when out and about. It’s a powerful combination which puts the device on the top of the pile for those who want a Premium ChromeOS laptop without it costing the Earth. Read our full Review Acer Chromebook Spin 713 4. Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 – Best for Portability Pros Solid performance

Great keyboard

Decent battery

Array Cons Prone to overheating

No backlit keys

Slow charging Best Prices Today: It’s great to see Microsoft offering a traditional laptop at a budget price, and this second generation is a significant step up over the original. Performance has improved thanks to Intel 11th-gen CPUs, and it’s great to see the Core i5 available across all configurations. However, most people will need more than the 4GB of RAM and 64GB SSD on the cheapest model. The other obvious compromise is its size, but the 12.4in touchscreen display is still very impressive in real-world usage. At just 1.16kg, it’s also one of the lightest laptops you can buy. Power efficiency gains mean battery life is significantly better, although charging if slower than we’d like. It also tends to run hot, while the the impressive keyboard still doesn’t have backlighting. But if you can look beyond these trade-offs and are willing to spend a little more, the Surface Laptop Go 2 is a great option. 5. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 – Best Windows 2-in-1 Pros Versatile design

All-day battery

Lots of ports Cons Slow charging

Awkward trackpad Best Prices Today: If you want a 2-in-1 laptop without breaking the bank then Lenovo’s IdeaPad range is a good place to look. The Flex 5 doesn’t have the best trackpad or display but offers good build quality, those iconic 360 degree hinges for various modes, solid battery life and a nice keyboard. It’s even got Wi-Fi 6. There’s also a good selection of ports and the Core i3 base model will be suitable for basic day-to-day tasks. Read our full Review Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 6. HP Pavilion 14 – Best Speakers Pros Premium design

Impressive audio

Good performance Cons Average battery life

Stiff keys The Pavilion 14 from HP is a good all-rounder if your budget will stretch, offering stylish design, good build quality and decent specs. It does a bit of everything with a fingerprint scanner, a good webcam, a touchscreen and B&O speakers making it a good choice for those that want a laptop for a wide range of tasks. Battery life is middling but performance is above average thanks to the latest 11th-gen Intel processors and other solid components. There’s also a nice selection of ports and good wireless connectivity. The main spanner in the works here is the existence of the Honor MagicBook 14 at the same price. Read our full Review HP Pavilion 14 (2021) 7. Acer Chromebook 515 – Best Display Pros Impressive 15.6in display

Decent performance

Plenty of RAM and storage

Good port selection Cons Underwhelming keyboard

No touchscreen on most models

Battery life could be better The Chromebook 515 is a cheap laptop running Chrome OS, but there aren’t many real compromises here. Asus has avoided the temptation to include a basic processor, opting for an 11th-gen Core i3 instead. Performance is solid as a result, especially when combined with 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. This helps power a vibrant 15.6in Full HD display, while you also get plenty of ports and a slick design. They keyboard isn’t the best, though, while battery life isn’t the best and most models don’t have a touchscreen. But for the price, the Chromebook 515 is an impressive all-rounder that’s worth considering. Read our full Review Acer Chromebook 515 8. Acer Swift 1 – Best Connectivity Pros Slim, light build

Strong connectivity

Fingerprint reader Cons Basic performance

Stiff hinge

Average trackpad Not all budget laptops are stunners, in fact very few are and the Swift 1 is a classic example of a simple design. While it offers a basic style and build quality along with limited performance to match, it will be plenty good enough for anyone looking for a very cheap laptop to do simple tasks like email and word processing. Despite its low cost, the Swift 1 comes with some surprising features such as a fingerprint scanner, USB-C, HDMI and Wi-Fi 6. Read our full Review Acer Swift 1 (SF114-34) 9. Avita Liber V – Best Webcam Pros Nice design

Decent webcam

Good keyboard and trackpad Cons Poor battery life

Display lacks colour Avita is back with another budget-friendly laptop that ticks a number of boxes including a stylish design and good build quality. You’re getting an AMD Ryzen 3 for a great price and the Liber V is very portable. Highlights include a decent keyboard and a large trackpad. It’s also got a solid selection of ports including USB-C and HDMI. While it’s speedy enough for office work, the display lacks colour for anything on the creative side and the battery life isn’t as long as rivals. Read our full Review Avita Liber V 10. Lenovo IdeaPad 3i – Most Colourful Pros Stylish design

Good performance

Nice keyboard and trackpad Cons Poor scren

Limited battery life

Lo-res webcam Best Prices Today: Lenovo hasn’t quite cracked the formula here for a great budget laptop with poor battery life and a dim screen with limited viewing angles. However, if you only need a cheap laptop to have around the house for basic tasks like checking email and web browsing, then the IdeaPad 3i is good value for money. It also looks a lot nicer than most around this price thanks to its colourful brushed aluminium case so you won’t want to hide it away. It offers good performance for the price along with a nice keyboard and trackpad. Read our full Review Lenovo IdeaPad 3i 14

The 5 Best Budget Laptops

Don’t get us wrong, we love Apple gear as much as the next person. There’s no debating that the “house that Steve Jobs built” has redefined what computers and laptops look like in the 21st century, whether they’re coming from the Cupertino HQ or created by a variety of other brands. As anyone who’s spent time online shopping will tell you, however, Apple laptops (and Apple products in general), for all their beauty, tend to cost an arm and a leg. The spirit is willing, but the wallet is weak.


Even with Apple’s omnipresence in the tech world, once you break out of the iconic brand’s spell, it’s easy to see there are plenty of more affordable laptops out there that are just as worthy. Open your mind to other brands, and you’ll find that the options are bountiful. Lucky for you, we’ve already put in the blood, sweat, and tears to find the most worth-it models of cheap laptops for you. Scouting out tech is annoying to say the least, but these best budget laptops under $800 make it all worthwhile. Anything to save a fistful of clams, amiright?

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Besides Google, Lenovo gives Apple a run for its money. This particular Lenovo model incorporates four-sided narrow bezels for wider viewing angles, cools itself with intelligent thermals and fans, and has Bluetooth connectivity. It’s thin and light for easy portability, and has full-time privacy control during and post-video calls—no peeping Toms allowed. As far as reviews go, it has a 4.5-star rating, so the buyers taking it home are clearly happy with its performance even though it can be scooped for under 500 bucks. “I am satisfied with how this laptop performs because it seems to work well enough with most tasks you throw at it,” one reviewer wrote on Amazon. “It doesn’t freeze after having 10 tabs open with Spotify in the background.” If it can withstand us being neurotic with 20 tabs open, we’re sold.


Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

Samsung never fails to disappoint with its sleek, innovative tech, such as this acrobatic laptop that can turn into a standing tablet. Key features include its iconic QLED image display (typically seen in the brand’s high-end TVs), powerful performance thanks to its Intel core i3 processor, and a sleek, paper-thin look. It has a 4.4-star rating overall, with one reviewer saying it’s “possibly the most user friendly computer pad ever.” Best of all, pricing starts at around $200.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 $ 549.99 at Samsung Buy Now $ 549.99 at Samsung Buy Now

HP Pavilion 15 Laptop

For the price (currently just under $800), this HP model has a pretty impressive battery life of up to 8 hours. (Many Apple products drain in way less than a full workday, so a strong battery can be a huge asset, especially if you’re often working outside your house or on the road.) It has instant responsiveness with its Intel Core i7 processor for lightspeed-quick working, fast charging abilities, and crisp visuals. It also has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon and is great for gaming, with one gamer saying “this device has been exactly what I needed.”

HP HP Pavilion 15 Laptop $944.99 $ 784 at Amazon Buy Now $944.99 $ 784 at Amazon Buy Now

Acer Aspire 5

Looking for a laptop under $400? Acer is a top dog in the affordable-computer realm, specifically this model with features include enhanced digital signal processing to cancel out background noise (screaming babies) and a backlit keyboard and fingerprint reader. It has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon from over 2,000 customer reviews. “It's probably one of the best tech purchases I have ever made and I'm an IT guy,” one reviewer wrote. That reminds us of a time-honored adage: When in doubt, always trust the IT guy.

Acer Aspire 5 $ 399.99 at Amazon Buy Now $ 399.99 at Amazon Buy Now


HP Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7

The HP Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 kind of looks like the twin of Apple’s MacBook Air, but, naturally, it’s powered by Windows 11. Its most impressive feature is its Intel Iris Xe graphics, which packs high-fidelity performance and delivers crisp and stunning visuals, making it an ideal laptop for streaming shows, tweaking photos on Photoshop, and even online gaming. Thanks to a sizable 17-inch screen, this HP laptop’s crown jewel is its rich display. If you like to work outside, its anti-glare panel provides non-reflection when you’re trying to grind, too.

HP HP 17-Inch Laptop $639.99 $ 502.88 at Amazon Buy Now $639.99 $ 502.88 at Amazon Buy Now

Save bucks, get a laptop for less, and get typing.

Awesome Quality At Low Cost!

9 Top Picks 3 Reviewers 40 Hours of Research 20 Options Considered

A laptop plays an important role in your work, especially when your job is a programmer, writer, designer or producer. Knowing this thing already, you probably are looking for the best affordable laptop 2022, right? Then congratulations! You are in the right place. In this article, we will introduce to you the top 9 cheap laptops and guide you on how to get the right one.

Best Budget Laptop 2022 Are you ready to go? Let’s scroll down to see and find your budget machine!

[Best Overall] 1. Dell Latitude E5570 Laptop 5/5 This Dell Latitude E5570 laptop proved an excellent pick for a cheap laptop. Although the machine may not have any original or fancy features, it does its job and the best value laptop. I also liked that it was ready to use out of the box as it comes pre-installed with a Windows operating system. Refurbishing the laptop extends its lifetime and helps reduce electronic waste. Dell Latitude E5570 Laptop (Refurbished) Features Solid battery life of 5-8 hours, depending on how new it is and what you're using it for

It has been inspected, tested, and cleaned by Amazon’s vendors to ensure it functions properly.

It comes pre-installed with the Windows 10 Pro operating system and is reset back to factory settings.

I was satisfied with the laptop’s versatility as it offers various connectivity options. For instance, you can connect to other devices using the Bluetooth feature. It also comes with an Intel Dual Band Wireless 8260 (802.11ac).

Since I spend hours working with my laptop, I wanted one that’s easy on my eyes. The 15.6-inch HD Non-touch screen has an anti-glare feature that protects your eyes from excess light. Thus, you can use the laptop for an extended period without experiencing discomfort in the eyes or migraines.

As a gaming enthusiast, I liked the powerful Intel Core 6th Generation i7 -6600U processor that ensures high performance and helps me enjoy a smooth and immersive gaming experience making this a great cheap gaming laptop

It comes with an internal dual-pointing keyboard and a great battery life that exceeds 80% relative to new.

The hard disk capacity of 256 GB means I can store as many files as I want. It also comes with 16 GB RAM. Pros The anti-glare feature protects my eyes from issues since I spend lots of time working with my laptop.

It comes with adequate storage for my files

It can handle even complex tasks

I can connect other devices using the Bluetooth feature to enhance performance. Cons I was a little concerned that the accessories may not be original though they function well. Check Current Price

[Best For The Money] 2. Lenovo ThinkPad T560 Notebook Laptop 4.9/5 I was looking for a refurbished laptop that could boost my productivity. The Lenovo Thinkpad T560 Notebook Laptop has advanced features that meet all my computing needs and is #2 in our pursuit for cheap business laptops. For instance, it comes with enough internal storage. Without worrying about space, I could store my files, including pictures, personal documents, and apps. Lenovo Thinkpad T560 Notebook Laptop Features It comes with a 512 SSD hard drive, allowing me to store various files, including videos, pictures, documents, etc., without deleting them to create space.

I like multitasking and sometimes deal with demanding software. The laptop comes with 16 GB RAM, which allows for smooth operation as I handle tasks simultaneously.

The Lenovo Thinkpad Windows laptop comes loaded with Windows 10 Pro-64, saving me the trouble of installing an operating system.

Physically, I was happy that I could easily carry the laptop around and work from anywhere. The Lenovo Thinkpad has a light and compact design that enhances portability.

The powerful Intel Core i5 processor with a 2.30 GHz clock speed makes the laptop fast and reduces lag.

It also features wireless communication technology that allows me to connect to other devices using Bluetooth.

The 1920 x 1080 resolution ensures high-quality and life-like images. Therefore, I use the laptop to watch movies and TV shows during my free time.

The 16.5-inches screen size is handy when I want to watch a movie or favorite show. It’s also ideal for multitasking as you can open multiple windows. Pros It allows me to multitask

Adequate storage for various files, including pictures and personal documents

High resolution that offers high-quality images

The 16GB RAM allows for the smooth operation of the laptop as I multitask Cons Some of the keys on the keyboard may not work well Check Current Price

[Best For The Lightweight] 3. HP Elitebook 840 G5 Laptop 4.8/5 I liked the HP Elitebook 840G5 for its versatility. This 14-inch laptop took my productivity to another level by allowing me to open multiple tabs to compare and multitask. Additionally, this i7 laptop features a powerful processor that speeds up the computing process. Although refurbished, the laptop’s operating system functions well, taking my computing to the next level on a budget. HP Elitebook 840 G5 Laptop Features The HP Elitebook 840 G5 Laptop comes with a 14 inches screen. The display is massive, allowing me to open multiple windows or partition it to enhance multitasking.

I was happy with the 512 GB of internal storage. It’s enough space to store various files, including personal and other files.

With the 16 GB RAM, I enjoyed enhanced versatility. The RAM ensures fast and smooth computing, allowing me to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

I was happy with the silver color, which makes it sleek and elegant.

Additionally, the laptop is light and has a compact design that makes it highly portable. Thus, I can carry it around, enabling me to work from anywhere at any time.

The high-resolution screen offers high-quality images.

The Intel Core i7 processor makes computing fast. The processor can handle heavy applications and demanding games.

The laptop’s cooling system was also a plus for me. It features more vents to enhance airflow and prevent the device from overheating. Pros It makes computing fast and smooth

It comes with enough storage space to store my files

The laptop stands out due to its slim, compact, and light design that enhances portability

The silver color also makes it sleek and elegant

I love the massive display that offers incredible screen real estate Cons The device may degrade more quickly than a new laptop Check Current Price

4. 2022 Windows 11 Laptop 4.7/5 The 2022 Windows 11 Laptop is an excellent choice for a cheap laptop. I can use this laptop for editing office work, doing online shopping, or browsing the internet. This Windows laptop stands out from the rest due to the lithium battery that has up to 8 hours of battery life. Thus, I can work, listen to music, watch videos, and browse websites without worry. 2022 Windows 11 Laptop Features With the 256GB SSD storage, I had adequate storage to download Android apps, songs, videos, documents, and other files.

On the other hand, I was satisfied with the 8GB of RAM that ensures speed and excellent response while performing various tasks. It also ensures I can multitask without experiencing any lag.

The 2022 Windows Laptop enables me to connect to the internet and enjoy browsing the web, downloading apps, streaming content, and chatting with friends. It helps to connect using 2.4g or 5G HZ dual-band WiFi and browse online.

The Windows laptop stood out for me due to its extension compatibility, which enhances versatility. It has various connectivity options, including a headphone jack, USB 3.0, micro SD slot, DC, and HD.

It’s slim and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and work from anywhere.

It also features an Intel Celeron J4125 CPU with enhanced performance. It has low power consumption and heating technology.

The 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution was a plus when I wanted to watch movies, videos, and other content. It combines with 100% RGB color reproduction to ensure life-like images.

Additionally, the anti-glare feature makes my eyes comfortable even with prolonged use. Pros It offers a fast response even when I’m multitasking

The lightweight design makes it portable, allowing me to work from anywhere

I can connect multiple devices

I’d enjoy the life-like colors and images when watching videos and images. Cons The trackpad may not respond at times Check Current Price

5. Aspire 5 Slim Laptop by Acer 4.6/5 The first laptop in our list is the Aspire 5 Slim Laptop made by brand Acer, sitting comfortably under $500. If you like a thin laptop with a simple style, then surely this one is born for you. Probably you are wondering how simple it is, right? Unlike other normal cheap laptops that often have large sizes, this Aspire 5 looks so thin and light. When you hold it in your hand, you can even feel that it does not have any weight! Yes, we understand what you are thinking about that point. A lightweight laptop is quite easy to be broken down, right? What can we say? Just be assured! Having an aluminum top cover, this device can survive well after falling from a high distance. No doubt that it is so durable. Besides, if you love deep bass music, then this mobile computer can please you at best. Just try turning on some music, you will feel the great audio coming out of its specially designed speaker. You may not believe, but this Aspire version 5 is the best partner of every office worker. No matter if you are a programmer, or a content writer, its comfortable backlit keyboard will bring you utmost convenience to work with high efficiency. In contrast to the good sides, there is a small issue with this item. After an amount of time, the backlight from the keyboard will automatically turn down. In order to reopen it, you have to press a key. However, it is still not a big deal, isn’t it? Pros It is cheap

It has many ports to connect with USB, HDMI, etc

The battery life quite long Cons The backlight will automatically turn off after a time Verdict If you are an office worker, you may see this Aspire 5 as a good option due to the convenience that it brings. Check Current Price

6. VivoBook L203MA Ultra 4.5/5 The second product has arrived! Let’s meet the Vivobook L203MA Ultra-Thin Laptop. Having a compact design, this ASUS’s laptop is another great option for those loving the simplicity. It's usually around under $300, but as prices fluctuate sometimes it's above $300, but most often it falls into under $400 laptop bracket. The first thing about this laptop is its thinness, lightweight and small size. Can you believe it? this item is even smaller than an A4 paper! Additionally, it is only about 2.0 bounds heavy. Thus, you are able to hold it with a single hand and carry it around without trouble. You have been impressed by its mobility already? Just stay calm because here come greater things. Typically, a normal laptop can only last for about 3 - 4 hours without being plugged in. But this L203MA is not like so. Its battery life is so good, allowing you to use the laptop for up to 10 hours! As a flexible worker, have you fallen in love with it? Furthermore, you can lay this Vivobook flat 180 degrees on the table. So that whenever you have a project, a slideshow, or just want a travel laptop, take this option into consideration. Unfortunately, this machine does not have a strong RAM. So if you are looking for a mobile budget gaming laptop that supports heavy games, we recommend you to purchase another product. Otherwise, some light applications can be acceptable. Pros It has a reasonable price

It is durable

It is suitable for any presentation Cons The Ram is quite weak Verdict Due to the compact size, this laptop is suitable for any flexible worker. Check Current Price

7. VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop 4.4/5 Do you ofter chat on Skype? Do you usually have video calls with your friends? Then you can not miss out on this attractive deal. Again, we want to introduce to you an ASUS product. But this time the featured Vivobook 15 is an amazing laptop under $700 with an HD camera! Yes, right on the top bezel of the laptop, you can find an HD camera. Thanks to this feature, you can take a selfie or chat with your friends at any time, any place without worrying about the quality of either the photos or the videos. A small question: Have you ever been tired of opening the laptop and typing your passwords every single time? Now you can leave that annoying thing aside. This Vivobook model allows you to login with just a finger touch! Right on the upper right of the touchpad, you can see a fingerprint sensor. Just touch there and the operating system can recognize you quickly. So convenient and secure, right? On another side, this decent laptop is famous not only because of its design but also of the audio. Thanks to the ASUS SonicMaster technology, the speaker will play powerful sounds and especially deeper bass for all music lovers. Of course, this product still has a disadvantage. If you require a good TFT panel, then it can not work to please you. As you often watch movies or long series, it may not support a suitable viewing angle. And the result is, you will not feel comfortable while watching. Pros You can charge it fastly in 50 minutes

It has a cheap price

It has a lightweight Cons The TFT panel is not good enough Verdict If you often have online Zoom meetings or conversations, this product is not a bad option for you. Check Current Price

8. MacBook Air MD760LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop 4.3/5 It is such a miss if we don’t list this MacBook Air MD760LL in our list of best cheap laptops. Having great security and smooth operation, this Apple product can please even the most demanding user. Speaking of Apple's product, we can think immediately about the wonderful graphic, the high 1440 x 900 resolution, and strong speaker. But those are not everything that this lovely laptop has. Based on its Intel Core i5 Dual-Core, you can use this mobile computer for daily needs such as web surfing, content writing, chatting, etc without any problem. Moreover, this 13.3-inch laptop is designed to suit both men and women. In spite of the fact that it is small, thin and light, you can see a cover of aluminum around it. Due to this reason, you will not have to worry about its durability. And if you care about its power, then you will be amazed when we explain this to you. As it has a great battery life, you are able to use this product for about 13 hours while it is not being plugged in. On the world’s market, it is really hard to find another cheap laptop that can beat this Macbook at this point. On the downside, this MacBook Air does not give you permission to upgrade its CPU. So if you want to have a higher CPU with higher RAM, you may have to purchase separated items. Pros This laptop has a compact style

It runs smoothly

The cost is cheap Cons The CPU does not allow you to upgrade it Verdict If you are a fan of Apple but don’t have much money, you should consider buying this product. Check Current Price

9. HP 15 15.6" HD Touchscreen Premium Laptop 4.2/5 Lastly, we will bring to you a great laptop for under $800. In all 5 options in this article, this item has the most special features. Let’s see what it has! About the design, this laptop has a wide 15.6 inches screen. Inside it is an Intel Core i5 - 7200U, supporting the laptop to run smoothly. If you combine these advantages, you may already know what to do with it, right? Of course, what can be better than watching movies with a large screen? If your job involves typing regularly, then we highly recommend you to buy this one. Its keyboard is really comfortable and extra soft, providing the most pleasurable feel while you are contacting with it. Come back to the most special feature which we talk about at the very beginning. Can you guess it? It is the Touchscreen technology! Yes, with this, you can make contact directly to the screen. The era of analog is now out oftrend. Why must you type the physical keyboards while you can use the laptop like using your smartphone, right? Although this HP product has many useful features, we don’t say that it does not have a drawback. If you are a fan of the backlit keyboard, then it may not be suitable for you. Anyway, this HP machine is still designed to tilt to the “touchscreen” side. So we can not expect much about the physical keyboard. Pros Its camera has good quality

You can touch the screen directly

The keyboard is comfortable to use Cons The keyboard is not backlit Verdict If you love following trends and want to try new technology, we highly recommend you use this product. Check Current Price

How To Select The Best Budget Laptop? In order to get the best budget laptop, you should base on these criteria below: Price Of course, the price is always the first thing any consumer cares about. If you want to buy a good cheap laptop, you should wait till the sale-off events. These events are often held in the middle of the years. Purpose You should know why you need a cheap laptop. On the market, there are plenty of laptop types. Each type works for different using purposes. For example, if you often play games, you require a high RAM gaming laptop. On the other hand, if you have to do many projects and presentations, you need an item that can help you to share the content.

Touchpad With a PC, you often use the mouse, right? But with a laptop, you will have to get used to the touchpad. Therefore, finding a product with a comfortable touchpad is really necessary. Technology The famous brands never stop researching and improving their products. Therefore, you can meet a new released laptop with modern technology every day. In fact, this technology can support a lot for your work. So if you love convenience, you should consider the features of the product carefully before deciding to buy.

Keyboard If you are a gamer, a blogger, or a programmer, you surely will understand the importance of the keyboard. Because you have to type so much, a good keyboard can increase the typing speed and bring a comfortable feeling to your fingers. There are three most common types of keyboards on the market. Those are gaming keyboard, qwerty keyboard, virtual keyboard. Depending on your purpose of using, you will know which one is suitable. Display Firstly, you need to decide on a size. Most budget laptops will be 13 or 15 inch but you can also go smaller or larger if you want something even more portable or if it rarely needs to move.

Remember that the size of the screen will have an impact on things like the weight of the laptop and other things like the keyboard and even how many ports and connections it can have.

It’s typical to find a cheap laptop with an unexciting resolution of 1366×768 (HD) but if you can find higher, probably 1920×1080 (or Full HD) then you’ll be much better off. Look for a matt finish which is preferable to a glossy screen that reflects like a mirror when it’s bright and sunny.

You’ll also want to look out for the type of display and this is often an area where costs are cut so viewing angles can be poor as well as brightness and colour. Get an IPS rather than TN screen if you can. Storage Don’t confuse storage and memory. The latter – normally called RAM – is for temporarily storing information when you open an app or file, while storage is the space to store files and programs.

In both cases, it’s better to have as much as possible. A lot of budget laptops will come with a 500GB or 1TB hard drive but only 4GB of RAM. An SSD storage (solid state drive) is more common now and helps keep things speedy but don’t expect more than 8GB of RAM at these budget prices.

Remember that you can also always use cloud storage if you need additional space. Battery Life The cheap laptops that prioritize portability tend to offer a little more battery life, and you'll want to skip a dedicated graphics chip if you want the most battery life.

However, you can find plenty of budget systems that offer a full workday and beyond on a single charge. In some cases, budget laptops offer better battery life than many laptops that cost a few hundred dollars more.

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