Bad Habits Will Destroy Your Cell Phone

New cell phone models are updated every year, and the global sales volume also rises at the same time. According to a survey, the average time for most users changing their cell phones is 2 to 3 years. Even though some users try to keep their phones for a longer period, they have to suffer from slower responding time and shorter battery life. Meanwhile, if you don’t use your cell phone in the right way, you will also destroy it and shorten your life. Here, we will show you some bad habits that could be harmful to your cell phone.

4 Bad Habits that Will Destroy Your Cell Phone

We are always careful with new phones. However, after a while, we don't care as much and even form some bad usage habits. We are here to list 4 bad habits that can affect the life of your cell phone:  

1. Using Low-Quality Cables

The cheap USB cables you bought for $1 at the corner store, excluding reliable brands like Anker or those with the Made For iPhone certification, can permanently harm your device or, worse, put you at risk of electrocution or fire. Not worth the immediate savings: Purchase chargers from a reputable company. After you have high-quality cables, handle them carefully. Moreover, the internal wires may fray if they are misused, which presents a fire risk in and of itself. Therefore, stop wrapping your cables so tightly and pull them out of the plug aggressively.  

2. No Protection Case and Film

What percentage of people do you know who have a broken or cracked screen? Until it happens, we all believe we will not be the victims. Though the sleeker appearance of a bare phone may be better, it is still too risky—even minor cracks and chips can compromise the structural integrity and increase the likelihood of serious damage to your cell phone. That's why it's so important to carry a phone case! Moreover, a sturdy film for your screen is also recommended (to avoid scratches), and a good case with a "lip" around the edge is ideal.

3. Killing the Cell Phone Battery

Unreasonable charging habits will also kill your cell phone battery. Even if you use a cell phone with massive battery capacity (like HONOR X5 plus), there will be a sharp drop in the battery size. These bad habits include using low-quality third-party chargers, charging the battery until it reaches 0%, and charging it to 100% every time.

4. Frequent Underwater Usage

Many users leave their cell phones in the jacket pocket and throw their jackets in a laundry machine. Besides, some selfie-lovers take photos underwater frequently. Advertisements are not always that reliable, using your cell phones underwater will not destroy them immediately, but it raises the risks that your devices may stop running or get slower as time passes by. Thus, when it is not necessary, try to avoid using your phones underwater.


In conclusion, we should use the original cable, or buy cables from reliable suppliers rather than cheap ones. In addition, proper protection is necessary. Thus, if you don’t want scratches on your cell phone and its screen, buy a protection film and case. Thirdly, you should maintain a better charging habit. Remember, never fully charge or drain your cell phone battery. Finally, despite a waterproof notification, leaving your cell phone underwater frequently is not a great ide

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Hunter Jones

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