Blocking spam on MSN

MSN Messenger is a popular instant messaging service developed by Microsoft. The instant messaging program provides a way to keep in touch with family and friends. To enjoy the MSN Messenger service all you need is a web browser with an internet connection. Microsoft added a feature called spam filter to the MSN Messenger service to prevent unsolicited spam messages from users who are not part of your contact list. These spam messages try to attract you into clicking a link that may direct you to a malicious website containing spyware or viruses. Protection against spam emails or messages featuring in MSN Messenger allows you to keep unknown people away from your online social life.

Here are the steps to block an email address:

If after you have deleted and blocked a contact under Windows Live Messenger, you are still receiving emails from them, just do the following:

Connect to MSN:


Go to:

"My MSN"

Then in "My Contacts"

Then "Options" (small top right)

"E-mail" tab (far left)

Click on "Protection against spam"

Then "Red List"

Finally, type the e-mail address to block

Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones

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