Explorer.exe has been deleted

Exploree is an executable file in a Windows operating system, which runs and has GUI (Graphical User Interface) that you can view upon opening files or hard drives. It is located in C:Windows and is responsible for displaying the taskbar, desktop and folders. It launches the file browser of the operating system by clicking on My Computer. Explorere will be missing or corrupted because of virus infection or Trojan. Explorere viruses make icons and the desktop disappear and then reappear non-stop without letting the user accomplish the tasks; this also slows down your computer reducing accessible memory, generates shortcuts on the desktop and changes internet settings. In order to erase the viruses you have to delete them using an anti-virus by opening Windows explorer.


Does anyone know where I can get another explorere file for windows xp service pack 3 because I tried running a patch to fix explorere and soon after, realized that it was meant for service pack 2 and when I try running the patch again to restore the original explorere it doesn't work. I don't have a Windows XP service pack 3 CD; when I try putting the sp2 CD into my drive and go to task manager and click new task and type in "SFC /SCANNOW" it displays a message box that explorere has been modified and needs to be restored. However it requires the sp3 CD and when I click retry nothing happens. If anyone knows where I could obtain another explorere file for Windows xp sp3 please tell me! Thank you!


Hello all, I have got a solution :) First this problem is caused by viruses and these viruses disabled explorere services. To activate this process and because you don't have the option to use task manager please do the following :


Task Manager

Click on New Task

Type explorere

A new explorer windows will open.

Then Remove these viruses by using your Antivirus.


Solved by Mustafa Tech on the forum

Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones

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