Is Lenovo Laptop Better Than HP (Detailed Comparison)

Lenovo vs HP: Which Laptop Brand is Better?

Buying a laptop, especially choosing the best one for you from the two compatible options, is pretty daunting, to be honest. You need to know detailed info about them, their features, battery life, and mostly, their performance.

For years, Lenovo vs HP has been the most debatable topic amongst every person who is connected to any type of work, study, game, or other tech activities. They both are amazing in their own way, and their attributes are truly outstanding.

In this article, we’ll look into every nook and cranny of these two laptops, along with the characteristics for a better understanding. The design, performance, build quality, innovation, and prices are different and unique for both brands.

After reading the whole write-up, we believe you’ll be able to choose one that’ll fulfill all your requirements.

Short Background of Both Brands

Before digging into the comparison part, you must know the background of HP and Lenovo laptops. It’ll give you an in-depth understanding.

About HP Laptops

HP is always considered the father of personal computers. It was founded back in 1939 and offered a wide range of PCs equipment till the mid-80s. First of all, the brand was all about high-end PCs, but then they launched other peripherals.

You may think about how the laptops looked back in the 1980s and 1990s, yes, they looked different, but you got to admit that this brand has made an immense contribution in shaping today’s laptop market.

By the way, the first release of the HP was HP110 with a decent memory capacity that was around 272 kilobytes (1/10000th gigabytes).

Coming to global achievements, since 1984 HP brand only sold laptops. After that, they started making devices for all the users around the world and made sure to add HP Chromebook for the students and gaming laptops for the gamers.

Right now (as of 2020), they hold a massive 21.2% share of the global laptop market. That’s a praiseworthy achievement we all have to admit.

About Lenovo Laptops

For the Lenovo laptop, reliability is an essential part. This brand was founded back in 2004 in Hong Kong that now has a major 24.9% share in the global market. This is surely more than HP (just saying).

And they’re fairly new if you compare them with HP laptops.

With 57,000 employees in 60 countries, Lenovo laptops achieved extreme fame and popularity worldwide. You’ll be amazed to know that it was 2005 when the brand launched their super IBM’s personal computers. Since then, they’re progressed every day.

IBM’s new addition got them to dominate the whole laptop market while competing against HP, Apple, and Dell laptops.

And, as we mentioned previously, Lenovo laptops are famous for their reliability. They also have a reputation for the durability and built quality of their consumer laptops.

On top of that, you can get a long battery life, including astonishing performance all in one!

HP vs Lenovo: Which Brand is Better?

For great value for money, Lenovo is an excellent choice. Within budget, you’ll be able to perform every work effortlessly. Plus, Lenovo laptops are super lightweight, so it’s convenient for students, employees, and everyone.

However, HP is great with other components but they’re a bit pricy. So, if you think you want a budget-friendly laptop with amazing specs, go for Lenovo undoubtedly.

Now, in HP, you can install any game and play them fluently regardless of specs. At the same time, Lenovo Legion competes for that. Not that all Lenovo laptops are great for gaming, but Legion beats it.

HP has the most premium quality design with different color combinations, whereas Lenovo is all good with the mixed look of a gaming and business laptop. Both are fine ones, but HP is more durable.

Then, both of them have convertible laptops which you can carry anywhere, but Lenovo is one step ahead. As their laptops are more lightweight, they’re more suitable for business trips or field working purposes.

Multitasking is amazing on both devices. No matter which one your eye catches, a bit of a high-budget model will be great as a multitasker.

So we can say if you’re a person who likes to take heavy work pressure and play games often, go for HP. And if you think you need a portable device that’s budget-friendly, get Lenovo.

Lenovo vs HP: In-Depth Comparison

Both brands, Lenovo and HP laptops series have multiple options for the users. The different model offers different initiative, and it depends on you what type of outcome from your device you want.

Now, let’s dive deeper.


Firstly, we want to say that no brand’s performance can be labeled as the best one.

Both Lenovo and HP laptops are made with customers’ utmost satisfaction and feedback in mind. They’re both performance-orientated laptop brands, offering great quality.

The amazing thing about Lenovo is that it has different models to meet any of your needs. Every device is worth it, from business laptops to gaming laptops and budget laptops to popular laptops.

The interesting fact is that Lenovo Legion laptops are specially made for gaming, and they’re super affordable – for example, Lenovo Legion 5.

You’ll be able to multitask here with the quickest control. Games like Fortnite, FIFA, Call of Duty, and many more will be smooth like butter!

Well, these don’t make the HP laptops any less. In HP, there’s Elitebook and Pavilion series which makes multitasking seem like a piece of cake.HP offers excellent devices like HP Envy x360 for photo and video editing.

In summary, Lenovo and HP are great laptops that can give you solid performance. They’re both top in the multitasking part and have their strengths!


Coming to the design part of Lenovo and HP laptops, they have a unique collection. For the best design in the Lenovo series, Legion laptops are at the top.

The design here has both gaming laptop and business laptop looks. You can easily sneak it to your business trip meeting room or use it silently in the corner of your house for gaming purposes!

You’ll also be shocked to find out that the Lenovo Yoga 720 looks like Chromebook C630 for the thin and light laptop mode. Plus, the Yoga Book C930 is 0.4 inches thick, which you can easily put into your backpack and leave.

However, the mid-range Lenovo laptops are actually not as perfect as the previous ones. For example, the lid of the V330 is pretty weak to get scratched and damaged easily.

For the alignment, Flex 11″ doesn’t do it properly, and the Ideapad 530s has a shaky toucHPad. But these cons actually don’t matter as these laptops cost less than $500.

For all of you who are really obsessed with premium design and quality, HP laptops surely offer you that.

One of the best laptops with golden accents and aluminum chassis is the HP Spectre x360. If golden isn’t your vibe, there’s blue and ash gray. You’ll get an amazing copper finish on this laptop if you like this feature.

Then again, zBook is here with the chamfered rear edges to protect you from any type of unwanted situation.

Well, HP didn’t limit their design to only laptops. They made Chromebooks with some extraordinary soothing traits. You may not like the workstations of these Chromebooks as they’re kind of heavy. Still, the bold silver combination makes it aesthetic. They’re pretty durable too – for example, HP Chromebook X360.

If you’re more of a looks-focused person, you can choose Lenovo laptops but if you love looks with durability, go for HP laptops!

Build Quality

You should always focus on the hardware part similar to the software part of any laptop.

Starting with Lenovo, the brand’s monitors are great in many ways. You’ll get an excellent resolution with the perfect monitor size, and no doubt that everything will be crisp, vivid, and pleasing to your eyes.

However, the screen will remain matte (not glossy at all), and sometimes it reflects light.

Then again, the Ideapad series are super durable, highly built, and made to ease eyes with an anti-glare green screen (to keep your eyes calm and healthy). Plus, the ergonomic toucHPad strains your wrist smoothly. Overall, for several hours of work, Lenovo laptops tend to be the best!

Coming to HP, it’s undoubtedly expensive, but if you get a good one, you can use it for ages.

HP laptops are considered the most reliable and solid ones which you can get at any price. For example, HP Omen 15 is one of the flagships which is designed for gaming (you can guess how well built it can be) with a 15.6-inch screen. You’ll also get a superior resolution of 1920x1080P, which is highly praiseworthy.

So, overall, you can say HP stands out a step ahead of Lenovo in build quality.


When it comes to being the mastermind of innovation, Lenovo tops the chart. They have innovative folding variations, ultra-light yet high-end built.

You can take Yoga Book C940 is a fantastic example from Lenovo. It’s a fantastic device with a touchscreen display. You can easily turn it into a convertible laptop and directly use it as a touchscreen device.

Besides, you can alter it into an e-reader to take notes, draw, and basically do all the university or educational work. Take notes quickly of your office meeting too with this easy-going feature.

The above reasons are enough to call Lenovo one of the innovative minds playing in the tech field.

Of these two laptop brands, HP is more traditional and has had standard designs for years. They, too, can be transformed into convertible laptops.

For example, if you think about HP Zbook, it’s pretty good. You can handle all the workloads with superior speed, processing power, and FHD display.

HP laptops tend to include the SureCreen Views for your tired eyes, and the Pavilion x360 laptop has an outstanding Webcam.

To summarize, both HP and Lenovo got different innovations, and it actually depends on you which one to go for!

Gaming Laptops

If you’re a gamer, you must be looking for a laptop with extreme speed and amazing graphics. HP users can relate to this highly as this brand is required for the uttermost gaming purposes.

But the question remains. Is HP or Lenovo better for gaming?

Despite being extravagant, HP can actually run all the top-tier modern games without any type of bug or glitch. The HP Omen 16 is basically the best laptop with long battery life and amazing graphics performance.

The fact is, this one’s more expensive than the Lenovo gaming laptops but has NVIDIA GeForce RTX 6GB impressive graphics card and FHD IPS 144Hz display, which is totally worth it.

Now, if you want an affordable gaming laptop for some casual games, go for the Lenovo Ideapad 3i. It’s good but not the best like the HP. Some games may not play here smoothly as well!

The one that can go head-to-head against HP’s gaming laptops is the Lenovo Legion series. For example, Lenovo Legion 5 features a 15.6″ FHD display and NVIDIA GeForce RTX for better graphics and visibility.

So, we can’t say there’s an exact winner, but since HP is ruling the industry for a longer period, you can count on its reliability and performance.

Business Laptops

Now let’s talk about some business laptops.

So, for business purposes, convertible laptops are the best for most users. Lenovo offers exactly that with a variety of options.

From them, Lenovo Flex 5 offers 10 hours of battery life and costs around $700, which can be considered an affordable laptop. Also, it’s lightweight and portable for people who are always in a hurry.

There’s another business laptop, Lenovo Yoga C740 2020, which is great for multitasking. And multitasking is the key to a successful business outcome, don’t you think?

On the other side, HP laptops also have good business laptops like Elitebook 840. The unique traits here are the fingerprint and 16GB Ram. You can work on multiple sites, run various apps, and switch between tabs pretty smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, HP or Lenovo? Both of the brands are unique in their own way. They have excellent processors, performance, battery life, and design making HP a better brand. Is HP better than Lenovo? HP laptops are portable, flexible, can take much pressure, and has a great battery. Also, the premium design and durability of HP’s budget laptops beat Lenovo. Is Lenovo better than HP? Lenovo is better than HP in its innovation. They have ultra-light quality, can turn into an e-reader, are lightweight, and have well-built quality. Lenovo offers the best customer service too for everyone.


That’s the finale of our debate about Lenovo vs HP. For us, both devices are extraordinary with their features as every year each brand tries to improve or launch a new laptop model with the latest technologies.

Of course, HP will be the best decision for students or workaholic people as it can take much more pressure than Lenovo. It has some budget-friendly costs for people who want to keep low maintenance and some super expensive ones.

With premium design and extreme durability (and if you’re new to buying laptops), go for HP with your eyes closed!

Therefore, Lenovo is also a great option, but totally depends on your preference!

Best Cyber Week Laptop Picks: Final Chance on Deals From Apple, HP, Lenovo and Dell

This story is part of Gift Guide, our year-round collection of the best gift ideas.

Cyber Monday has transitioned into Cyber Week, and just like last year, retailers are pushing out some of the best laptop deals we've seen all year. Models from Apple, HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo and more are available at amazing prices. That means there should be something for everyone, including anyone looking for a new MacBook, Chromebook or Windows laptop.

That includes newer models with Intel's current chip family, the 12th-gen Core chips, and AMD Ryzen 6000-series processors. You'll also find bargains on laptops equipped with the previous but still capable 11th-gen Core processors and AMD Ryzen 5000-series chips.

Many PC makers offer discounts if you buy directly from them, including , , and . Even , but that particular deal is over. We've also found deals available from retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg and Walmart.

Best Cyber Monday-Cyber Week laptop deals and PC sales

Josh Goldman/CNET HP has deep discounts on many of its Pavilion laptops. The HP Pavilion 14 is a budget laptop that looks and performs above its price. At 3.2 pounds (1.4 kilograms), the laptop can easily be a daily carry for school or work. It could also be a good home office laptop that can be easily connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse at a desk, but also has a screen that's comfortably large enough for full-time use. It's just a solid everyday laptop with a clean design. The configuration we tested is normally $800 but is just $550 right now. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, HP even has discounts on the Intel and AMD customizable versions -- a rarity -- so you can choose the exact specs you want. Read our HP Pavilion 14 review.

Josh Goldman/CNET The highlight of this Lenovo two-in-one Chromebook is its 11th-gen Intel Core i3 CPU, which is common to many budget Windows laptops and has more than enough oomph to power the lightweight Chrome OS. The Flex 5i features a 13.3-inch touchscreen with a 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution. It offers USI pen support, but you need to buy a stylus separately. Read our Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5i review. You're receiving price alerts for Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5i: $348

Dan Ackerman/CNET We often call the MacBook Air the most universally useful laptop you can buy. Although it was recently updated with a larger display and Apple's latest M2 chip, it also got a higher starting price. The good news is the M1 MacBook Air is still available and remains a fantastic choice for most people in need of an ultraportable everyday laptop. For a base price of $999, and often on sale for at least $100 less, it's a great value, considering these tank-like laptops can last for years. Right now, though, you can get one for $200 off. You're receiving price alerts for MacBook Air M2 (Starlight, 512GB, 10-core)

Acer Acer knows how to put together good laptops at low prices. The Aspire 5 is one of our favorites for the home that's also portable enough for the occasional trip. It's a 15.6-inch laptop with a 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 5700U CPU and 16GB of RAM. You also get a 512GB solid-state drive. Most laptops at this price supply only 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. Plus, it has a large port assortment including Gigabit Ethernet and an HDMI out.

Newegg The highlight of this 16-inch model from Asus is its 4K, 16:10 OLED display. An OLED panel supplies incredible contrast and vivid colors, and this one should also provide a sharp picture with its fine 3,840x2,400-pixel resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio, which provides more room vertically than a widescreen 16:9 panel. It's rare to find an OLED panel at this price, especially with 4K resolution. Inside, it features an octa-core AMD Ryzen 7 5800H CPU along with a sufficient 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. You can save $200 on it right now at Newegg.

James Martin/CNET The Inspiron 16 Plus is one of our favorite laptops for creators on a budget, and you can get it at an even better price for Black Friday. This configuration comes with a 12th-gen Intel i7 CPU and an RTX 3060 GPU, plus a 1TB SSD. The display is perfect for anyone just starting out with web content, and the 16-inch size gives you plenty of room in the keyboard and touchpad.

Josh Goldman/CNET Most 17-inch laptops are gaming monsters. The LG Gram 17 is neither a gaming laptop nor a monster. It lacks dedicated graphics to drive 3D games but is only 0.7 inch thick and weighs less than 3 pounds, making this 17.3-inch desktop replacement roughly the same weight as your typical 13.3-inch ultraportable. The spacious 2,560x1,600-pixel display is powered by a 12th-gen Core i5 CPU, 16GB of RAM and Intel Iris Xe graphics. You also get a roomy 512GB SSD for storage and can save $400 on it right now. Read our LG Gram 16 review.

Dell Dell's XPS 13 Plus is a new twist on a longtime favorite. With the Plus model, Dell has introduced a new invisible touchpad that sets it apart from most laptops. But overall, the XPS 13 Plus shines for the same reasons as its predecessor: the slim and light design, excellent performance, and great OLED display. However, be warned that the new trackpad might not be for everyone, and battery life could use some improvement. The regular XPS 13 was previously on sale for Black Friday, but right now Dell is offering a discount that knocks about $500 off the Plus model equipped with a 12th-generation Intel Core i7.

Expired or out of stock deals

Josh Goldman/CNET The HP Laptop 17 is a good pick if you want everyday performance and a bigger display. It's perfect for home office tasks, entertainment and just general computing. Battery life is good also at nearly 9 hours in our tests. Plus, HP offers many configuration options so that you can balance price and performance to match your needs. Read our HP Laptop 17 review.

Joshua Goldman/CNET Our pick for the best 14-inch, two-in-one laptop, the Lenovo Yoga 9i is a great option if you're looking for a multifunctional device. Powered with 12th-gen Intel CPUs, the Yoga 9i offers more power than your average convertible laptop. It's especially good for work and school, thanks to the OLED display. This model is currently showing as out-of-stock, but we'll leave it here in case it comes back later in the week.

Microsoft/CNET The Surface Pro 8 is a great choice if you want a tablet that can also double as a laptop. (Note that there's also a Surface laptop, which is an entirely separate device.) It's not the most recent entry in the Surface Pro line, but the specs are largely the same, and you can save a few hundred dollars by going with the 8. Save $400 by going with the 256GB SSD or $300 with the 512GB or 1TB SSD. But note that several models are out of stock at Microsoft's online store right now, including some of the less-expensive configurations.

Apple The baseline model of the 14-inch MacBook Pro costs $1,999 and features an eight-core M1 Pro chip, a 14-core GPU, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB solid-state drive. You can save $400 on it right now at Amazon -- that's the biggest discount we've seen yet for one of Apple's most useful and powerful MacBooks. It's an unquestionably great deal, but an M2 Pro update is expected soon -- likely before the end of 2022. Read our 14-inch MacBook Pro review. You're receiving price alerts for Apple 14-Inch MacBook Pro: $1,599 (Update: Offer Expired)

Apple Apple's current-gen MacBook Air was down to a record-low price at Amazon and Best Buy, but sadly that deal appears to be over. You can still get $50 off at Amazon, but the M2 Air is back up to $1,199 at Best Buy. You're receiving price alerts for MacBook Air M2 (Starlight, 512GB, 10-core)

What should you look for in a laptop deal?

One of the biggest things to consider is which laptop configuration is on sale. Often, with the best laptop deals, only a specific version of the laptop is on sale and making any changes to it could affect the price. This means that sometimes you find the 512GB model is actually cheaper than the 256GB option, or a similar situation.

When are the best laptop deals available?

Generally, you'll find the best laptop deals during back-to-school shopping time in late summer or early fall and a bit later in the year during annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events. There are laptop deals available throughout the year, but if you're looking for the best deal and can afford to wait a little, these are the best times of the year to buy one.

Which retailers usually offer the best laptop deals?

You can usually find deals across a variety of retailers when it comes to laptop sales. Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg and other retailers tend to offer sales on more specific models while manufacturers like HP, Lenovo and Dell usually host larger sales that cover more models and configurations. If you're looking for a specific model, you'll want to keep checking back weekly for the latest set of deals.

Is Lenovo Laptop Better Than HP (Detailed Comparison)

In the present world, laptops have become our go-to devices to tackle all our day-to-day computing tasks. These intelligently crafted portable computing machines come packed with certain avant-garde features to provide you with the best user experience.

When talking about laptops, Lenovo and HP are two of the leading manufacturers. Both market-best technology companies hold worthy expertise in the manufacturing of best-of-the-best laptops. Both Lenovo laptops and HP laptops bring certain advanced specs on the table.

With the sheer number of choices available in the market for the best laptop by both brands, one can easily confuse in choosing the best option. However, you don’t need to worry. Our experts have prepared this detailed guide that will certainly help you to decide whether you should buy a Lenovo laptop, or an HP laptop to best cope with your needs. So, let’s get started!

Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company specialising in manufacturing market-best PCs, software, and related accessories. At the moment, Lenovo is the largest PCs manufacturer and holds a 24.8% share of global PC shipments. Together with HP and Dell, Lenovo accounts for a whopping two thirds of global PC sales today.

Lenovo laptops are well-known for their attribute of giving the best value for money. The cherry on the cake is the fact that less price of Lenovo rigs doesn’t mean that you would have to sacrifice the quality. Despite being available at a budget-friendly price tag, Lenovo laptops offer a reliable performance and a future-proof build quality.

Advantages of Lenovo Laptops

When it comes to maintaining a balance between power and affordability, Lenovo laptops knock out their counterparts.

Whilst it varies from model to model, but generally speaking, Lenovo laptops feature a long-lasting battery life.

If you are looking for a laptop to cater to the workload demands of your business, Lenovo ThinkPad series has various tempting options to offer you.

Disadvantages of Lenovo Laptops

Most of the Lenovo laptop models features a basic build design which may not be attractive for people who are colours obsessed.

If we exclude the ThinkPad series of the brand, Lenovo doesn’t have a lot to offer at the higher end of the price scale.

Lenovo tends to incorporate AMD GPUs in most of its laptops, with limited laptops coming with NVIDIA graphics cards. Going for AMD graphics is not a wrong decision, but these cards are not as smooth performers as NVIDIA graphics cards are.

HP Laptops

HP stands for Hewlett-Packard, and it is an American multinational information technology company, producing personal computers, printers, and allied accessories. HP carries a respectable place within the laptop industry, and they are one of the biggest sellers of PCs each year.

HP laptops are notorious for being expensive but their premium core components including graphics card, CPU, and future-proof build quality completely justifies their costly price tags. Most of the HP workstations come with NVIDA GeForce graphics cards and Intel Core processors, bringing you immersive and reliable performance.

Advantages of HP Laptops

HP offers some of the best and artistically crafted laptop models. HP laptops usually come with future-proof build quality and design.

HP has an extensive range of versatile laptops, available at different price points. So, whether you are looking for a cheap laptop or a high-end rig, you can always find a suitable machine for your use.

HP has been in business for the last 8 decades and is one of the biggest names in the computing industry. The company provides an exceptional customer support service for all its products. This is one of the major reasons for a respectable refurbished market for HP devices.

Disadvantages of HP Laptops

The battery of HP laptops is not that impressive, and you’ll need to look for a power socket for long working sessions.

If we talk about performance, most of the HP laptops come with average specs and there are only a few HP laptops that feature premium specs.

Although there exist exceptions, the displays of most HP laptops are not that sharp. So, if you are a graphics enthusiast, you may be disappointed.

Lenovo Laptops Vs HP Laptops: Conclusion

If you are looking for a laptop to provide you with the best return on investment, then go for Lenovo laptops. Lenovo has several competitive options available for both professional and home users. On the other hand, HP laptops feature top-of-the-line components, but they usually come more expensive than Lenovo equivalents.

If you are a professional gamer, then of course it would be a wise decision to go with premium HP laptops due to their high-end graphics cards and CPUs. And if you want to experience gaming at an affordable budget, then Lenovo Legion series might be worth a shot.

If being a professional, you are on a prowl to find a suitable laptop, tackling the high-intensity business-workload, then Lenovo ThinkPad series is the best option due to its premium quality. While if you are a traveler and looking for a durable rig, then HP should be your brand of choice.


Which brand provides the overall best deals among Lenovo and HP?

Both Lenovo and HP laptops are equal in terms of quality. However, if you want the best value for money, Lenovo is the best option to go for. You can go for HP, if being a pro-gamer you want a futuristic laptop to run high-intensity games. However, it is pertinent to mention here that an HP laptop would cost you a bit more money compared with a Lenovo laptop of the same specs.

Which laptop brand is the best for gaming between HP and Lenovo?

If you are looking for a features-packed laptop to cope with resource-intensive demands of the latest heavy games, HP laptops from Omen series gives the best return on investment. These laptops come packed with vibrant displays, high-class graphics cards, and steadfast processors to let you enjoy full-fledged gaming sessions.

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