Tracking Protection in Firefox

Tracking Protection is a privacy feature introduced with Firefox v 42.0 that enhances the browser's Private Browsing mode. Tracking Protection is enabled as soon as you switch to the Private Browsing mode and its main purpose is to prevent third party elements (scripts, ads, content…) that may be present in web pages from tracking your browsing activities. Here's what you need to know about this new feature.

How To Enable Tracking Protection

Click on the Firefox menu > Private Window to open a new private browsing session:

Tracking Protection is enabled by default.

How To Check if Tracking Protection is Active

The small Shield icon displayed in front of the URL of the webpage indicates that Firefox is busy blocking tracking attempts:

Why Are Some Areas Missing from Webpages

Tracking Protection will automatically remove third party elements that can track your browsing activities from the web pages. Here's how the CCMet homepage looks with tracking protection enabled:

And now, the same page with tracking protection disabled:

All the elements with “tracking capabilities” have been removed.

How To Disable Tracking Protection for the Current Session

Click on the Shield icon > Tracking Protection and then click on Disable protection for this session:

Tracking Protection has been disabled for your current session (until you restart Firefox).

How To Disable Tracking Protection Permanently

Click on the Firefox menu > Options > Privacy:

Go to the Tracking section and clear the Use Tracking Protection in Private Windows checkbox:

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