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For security purposes, folders in computers can be locked by a password using software such as Folder Access 2.0.0. Unlocking a folder in Folder Access 2.0.0 is a relatively simple process except when there is a processing error or a Password Error. Removing the folder from with the Folder Access 2.0.0 may not solve the problem. It may not be possible to uninstall the Folder Access, as the permission may be denied due to a wrong password entered. To remove the Folder Access software from the system, it has to be uninstalled from the application folder. Before uninstalling, it will ask for a password.


I downloaded the free Version of Folder Access 2.0.0 and used it successfully. I locked some folders and while trying to unlock them, it showed some processing error. I removed that folder by using Remove Button from Folder Access because by using the remove feature, it also gets unlocked. However, the problem has continued as these folders are still locked. Otherwise, I am able to lock and unlock folders. I also tried to uninstall the software, but it shows "Error Password : cmdok : 70 : Permission denied". I have the password also. Kindly please help me to retrieve my folder.


I had the same problem, you can solve it by doing this:

Step 1

In your PC, go to the location where your instant lock application is located. Commonly, it will be in your Program Files.

Step 2

Open your instant lock folder.

Step 3

There will be some files, click Removee.

Step 4

It will ask your instant lock password. Then, enter your password and click log in.

Step 5

Check back all your folders (that were located in instant lock before) in your PC. It will be there. This means instant will give back all your folders after the trial ends. So, no need to worry about losing your files.

It will help you even if you have uninstalled the i lock software. Try to reinstall it but use or password correctly then follows above software.


Thanks to gau for this tip on the forum.

Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones

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