What Can You Do with 5G Technology?

Now is the age of information technology. With the innovation in networks, we should consider new circumstances in which 5G can be applied and the potential challenges. The most exciting part that links with the upgrade of mobile network infrastructure, is the consistency and speed it provides. Along with delays being reduced, such an advantage is sufficient to begin projecting some of the benefits that 5G will offer widely shortly.

Applications of 5G Technology

Already started, there have been several 5G-related topics that are interesting and implemented with continuous improvements. We will demonstrate some examples that how 5G technology can improve our daily lives.

Better Internet for Home and Cell Phone

Simply speaking, the 5G network supports us with a shorter access time and faster data speed. Although 5G home internet might seem like one of the most boring use cases, it will be upgraded periodically step by step. Depending on the service you have, 5G is already quicker than certain Wi-Fi connections, although it may not be realized completely. In addition, 5G is a popular topic because it promises upload speeds of just 1 millisecond (ms), compared to a download speed between 1 and 10 Mbps. However, this is enough to download most mobile documents and videos instantly with a 5G smartphone, such as HONOR Magic 4 Lite 5G.  

5G Drones

Linking 5G and drones is an astounding but also terrifying application. Even though some of the most amazing uses of drones these days involve video footage, like the drone video of the mountain crossing that went viral, delivery drones are probably what we will see more of first. Although there are already many instances of drones designed with delivery in mind, the development of 5G will make this a more widespread and effective use of drone technology. Furthermore, 5G drones are used for delivery as well. Supported by real-time communication that has no latency, 5G drones are able to send items to a precise location. Nonetheless, there are also instances where drones are utilized for espionage or terror attacks.

Live Streaming

Even though it won't always have substantial improvement in your daily life, 5G is able to provide higher-quality streaming when you're not at home. If you've ever had trouble streaming Netflix in 4K, even using your own WiFi, then this update has the potential to offer you a better experience. As 8K becomes more widely available, 5G may make it possible for you to watch 4K content on the go thanks to faster data speeds.

Agricultural Use

5G internet is also applied in different industrial sectors, such as agricultural use. Traditional farming techniques, however, are covering but not precise. Thus, the main reason 5G is necessary for these more exact farming methods is that it facilitates machine-to-machine communications. implying that real-time, centralized control of farming equipment can be achieved more readily. The application of 5G technology in the agricultural sector will lower farming costs and improve the effectiveness of growing more crops.


In conclusion, the development of 5G technology has significantly improved our daily communication needs regarding home use and mobile service, boosting data speed and reducing latency. Also, by connecting 5G and drones, we are able to create amazing videos or arrange delivery service. Moreover, faster data speed by 5G allows users to receive higher-quality streaming, and watching 4K content is possible as well. Finally, the combination of 5G technology and agriculture is another creative idea that significantly increases the precision of farming and lowers the cost.


Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones

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