Why Is It Important to Check Your Cell Phones Regularly?

   Our cell phones are one of the important tools that we use almost every day. However, we may not treat them well but just keep them running, while, like many other devices, cell phones also need to be maintained regularly. That’s why some cell phone users can keep their phones for 4 or 5 years, and other users feel their devices react slower after just 1 or 2 years. In this article, we will demonstrate some rules and reasons for regular checks on cell phones.

3 Tips to Check Your Cell Phone

By doing routine maintenance, you can keep your smartphone for a longer time, avoid data loss, and safeguard your personal information. Regular checking will also boost the smartphone efficiency, which is particularly crucial for those who use it for work or other purposes. Here, we will discuss 3 tips to check your cell phone.

1. Battery Life

Battery loss is the most common issue for a used cell phone. Compared to a new one, the battery life of a cell phone that is used for 2 years may be 20% shorter. It means that every day you are supposed to spend more time on charging as well. Moreover, if your cell phone supports fast charging, you should also check the charging speed and see how much longer you spend now. According to research on fast charging, cell phone fast chargers will take 1 to 2 hours to fully charge your cell phone. Some cell phone models such as HONOR 90 Lite can charge up to 53% in 30 minutes So, if your cell phone takes you a longer time to charge, it is a signal of battery deterioration.

2. Running Speed

We normally experience longer loading times for apps and longer responding times when we run a mobile game or switch between different apps. For new devices, we can feel the smooth and fast response when we run apps. Some users can also check the running speed by starting and playing demanding games (Call of Duty or Genshin, etc.) to monitor the power consumption, responding time, and dropped frame levels. Meanwhile, you may need to reboot your device or clean up all the running programs in advance to make sure you test your cell phone correctly.

3. Connection Quality

For communications and internet surfing, the connection plays the most important role. Nevertheless, you may have some issues when making phone calls, such as having no sound in a connected call. It may be because you are staying in a closed space or staying in a place that antenna signals can’t reach. But if your cell phone says no service while others don’t in the same place, you should better restart your cell phone or ask for maintenance (sometimes you need to update your operating system or clean your phone, especially to check if something is attached to the antenna.


In conclusion, regular checking on cell phones is necessary. Firstly, when you spend more time charging your cell phone, you should check whether your cell phone battery is deteriorating. In addition, the running speed, especially the loading time and responding time of apps will normally get slower after years. Therefore, you can check the running speed by cleaning up the apps start demanding programs, and try to see the response. You may have to reboot your cell phone in advance before checking. Finally, the connection will be affected if you stay in a place that antenna signals can’t reach or when your cell phone antenna is covered by dirt.


Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones

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