5 tips to increase the battery lifespan of the iPad

5 tips to increase the battery lifespan of the iPad

Although the default lifetime of the battery of the iPad is relatively high, there comes a point where it begins to show signs of weaknesses.

To overcome this unpleasant, there are 5 relatively simple tips:

Disable the automatic adjustment of brightness:

The automatic brightness control is originally a good idea because the iPad adjusts the screen lighting according to ambient light. As at the time this option may prove harmful for both the battery only for your eyes. For maximum comfort, turn off the automatic brightness and move the slider to a value between 25% and 30%.Your eyes will thank you and your iPad!

Observe the charge cycle:

Almost all batteries have a disadvantage which is called the memory effect. Luckily on the iPad, which has a lithium-ion polymer, does not suffer this effect. Nevertheless it is recommended once a month to make a complete cycle: Fully discharge your iPad before making a full charge.

Disable geolocation, push, WiFi and 3G when these services are not needed:

A number of applications affect the life of your battery iPad as the mail application that has the option PUSH. Your iPad is constantly connected to your mail server and the arrival of a new mail, you are notified. This option is not mandatory, unless you have a professional use of the iPad.

Regarding WiFi, you can disable it when not in use, as 3G for those who have the 3G + Wifi. When playing a video, these two options are not fundamental.

Some applications offer the option geolocation: You tell the application on your geographic location. This option is considerably on the battery. Therefore use the geolocation service only when necessary.

Lock your iPad:

Although this tip is common sense, it can help you save precious minutes to your battery. If you ever afraid to forget to lock your iPad, you can set the time lock with the following operation: Settings> General> Auto Lock .For example you can set the duration of 1 minute.

Apart from providing new features, updates to the IOS can get the latest system enhancements include improving the life of the battery. Don't hesitate to make the updates as they become available!

Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones

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