Is it worth buying a 5G smartphone?

If you own a 5G smartphone, you can take advantage of the high speeds it has to offer. Not only will your device be faster, but it will also have a better range and internet speed. Another advantage? You won't suffer from network overload if you use 5G on this type of phone!

Is there any point in buying a 5G smartphone? Find out more in this article.


What is 5G?

You may have heard of 5G or its three main benefits, namely lower latency, higher throughput and greater capacity. Compared to the 10 millisecond latency of 4G, 5G promises a delay of 1 millisecond (1/10th of the delay). The speed is also twice as fast as regular 4G, at around one gigabit per second. With this technology, you can download movies or other large files in an instant!

When fully implemented, 5G will be able to connect with 1 million devices per square kilometre. This will ensure that the network does not run into network capacity problems. You will now be able to connect all kinds of smart devices without any problems.


Why 5G?

You want faster mobile internet and faster response, right? That's why 5G is so ideal. To find out more about this technology, discover here the reasons why you should buy it.


With 5G, you're ahead of the game

If you already have a 5G smartphone, you're ahead of the game. Because right now, several countries are switching from 4G to 5G. Having a 5G device already means that you can immediately enjoy many benefits. For example, you will enjoy faster speeds and more consistent coverage.


New smartphones already have 5G

5G is the newest and most modern form of mobile broadband. You'll need a software upgrade if you want to use 5G with a special subscription. Until then, your phone will automatically use 4G.

5G phones work faster

A 5G phone is expensive, but it works much faster than other phones. In fact, if you have a 5G smartphone that uses the 5G network, you will be able to enjoy very fast download and upload speeds.


To buy a 5G smartphone or not

Wondering about buying a 5G smartphone now? Then pay attention to the specifics of the phone and your budget. On the other hand, if you have enough budget and want a fast internet connection on your phone, invest in a good 5G phone!

For example, buying a 5G device such as an honor magic 4 lite 5g will ensure that you get a good device that will increase in value in the future. On average, 5G phones cost between £1,000 and £1,200. But it is also possible to buy cheaper models, with prices starting at around £600.

If you are on a tight budget, you should wait a while before buying your 5G smartphone. Because the network is not yet deployed well.



Make a good decision to buy a 5G smartphone. This way, you will enjoy a fast device that will become very valuable in the future. Moreover, you are prepared for the future, as the majority of new devices already have 5G functionality. But remember that a 5G phone is expensive. Therefore, choose a good phone if you are considering getting one.


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Hunter Jones

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