Why is the HUAWEI M-Pencil a Great Tablet Accessory?

When you have your huawei matepad air paper matte with you, the next thing that you need to pull out is your HUAWEI M-Pencil. It has all the makings of a great accessory when you use it. Some tablet users would prefer not to use pens with their tablets. This is because they have not tried using a pencil with their devices. Here are features of the M-Pencil that would change your mind regarding electronic pencils.

Why Should You Get the M-Pencil For your HUAWEI MatePad Air?


Durable pencil


First of all, you cannot depend on a pencil that breaks after a few uses. You need a pen that really works when needed. And it should sustain itself even during the daily wear and tear of usage. The HUAWEI M-Pencil has a nice and sturdy design. It blends well with the rigidity of the huawei matepad air paper matte edition. The tip of the M-Pencil is transparent while the nib is platinum coated. This makes sure that you are not only getting high-quality materials on your accessory but you also receive comfort in the design.


Comfort and natural experience


You already know that you are dealing with a tablet and an electronic pencil in your hands. But the experience does not have to feel like it. HUAWEI makes sure that you are getting the best experience possible when it comes to the use of the pencil on your hand. The technology of this pencil continues to improve with this device. You get a natural feel when you use the accessory for writing. It does not seem like you are just holding a stick and putting words on a stiff tablet. You really get that sense of natural writing with the HUAWEI M-Pencil.


Creative expression


You can also use a pencil to draw and be creative. There are many things in your mind that you can readily put into the electronic paper when you have your pen with you. You do not have to wait to go home and pick up your brush or mechanical pencil just to express your creativity. You just pull out your HUAWEI MatePad Air and your M-Pencil. With the apps available, you can readily transfer the objects in your mind to your tablet quickly. Having a pencil is making sure that your creative mind is not hindered at any time of the day. You can just pick up your pen and doodle all you want.


Pressure sensitivity


Most standard pencils available in the market just provide you with the basic capability of writing on your tablet. With the M-Pencil, you are getting 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. This means that your pencil responds intuitively to the pressure that you are applying on the tablet. It will really feel like you are holding a pencil with this accessory.


Tilt sensitivity


The M-Pencil also has tilt sensitivity. There are some strokes that you do on your brushes and pens that will look better when tilted. The M-Pencil has tilt sensitivity to make sure that the style and shading that you want on your drawing appear on your electronic paper.




The benefits of having an M-Pencil on your backpack that you can use together with your huawei matepad air paper matte are just outstanding. You do not understand what you are missing out on unless you have it with you. You should seriously consider getting an M-Pencil for your tablet so that you can attain the many advantages of using a pencil with your device. Use it as a pen, as a brush, and as an eraser so that you can express yourself better with the HUAWEI M-Pencil.


Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones

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