Windows Operating Modes


There are different operating modes in which windows can run. Windows 95/99/ME can be run either in standard mode or in 386 enhanced mode.

To choose which mode you wish to run windows, you just have to type "win" at the DOS prompt and chose the appropriate mode to run windows.

To display mode in which Windows is running, go to Program Management and select About in the menu.

When Windows start on your computer, it determines what kind of mode to prompt by investigating on its kind of CPU and how much RAM is installed on your computer.

Standard mode

If your Pentium 286 or 386 is equipped with less 2MB of free RAM, windows will automatically start in standard mode.

enhanced 386 mode

If your PC is 386 and equipped with more than 2MB of free RAM, windows starts in 386 enhanced mode.

Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones

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